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Bring It: How to Get Kogi, Gjelina, Guelaguetza, A.O.C., and Starry Kitchen Delivered

Los Angeles Magazine | December 8, 2014

It’s never been easier to be lazy and not do anything yourself. Ridesharing startups (some apparently more evil than others) can pick you up in a hybrid car or SUV in minutes. Instacart will bring you groceries in an hour or two. Between Google Express and Amazon Fresh, you can avoid toy shopping at a crowded mall and never have to lug bottled water or paper towels again… Read More

Find the Best Local Eats: 7 Must-Have Apps for the Traveling Foodie

Yahoo! Travel | October 14, 2014

If one of your favorite things about travel is trying new food, you know that navigating through a city’s restaurant scene can be as difficult as it is delicious, no matter how many Yelp reviews you peruse or OpenTable points you have. Trustworthy recommendations can be hard to find, lines are long, navigating through a big menu is tricky, and getting a good reservation often seems like a magic trick that only concierges can perform… Read More

OrderAhead Makes It Easy To Order Takeout Food

7×7 | December 27, 2012

Ordering food for pickup can sometimes be problematic. First, you have to place the order by speaking to someone over the phone; next you often have to stand in line at the restaurant to pick it up; and then you have to pull out your wallet to pay at the register. After all of that, it’s not uncommon — once you get back home or to your office — to discover that mistakes have been made. Well, as increasingly is the case for every day problems like this one, there’s now an app that can help simplify the process, called OrderAhead… Read More

OrderAhead, The Mobile Ordering Platform Backed By $2.5M From Adam D’Angelo & More, Launches In LA; Orders Rise 2.4x

TechCrunch | December 10, 2012

Back in August, we introduced you to OrderAhead, a Y Combinator grad and mobile ordering solution that had just raised $2.3 million from Facebook co-founder Adam D’Angelo, Ignition Partners, Matrix Partners, Menlo Ventures, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and SV Angel, among others. Today, along with some strong growth trends seen over the last few months, the startup is announcing that it has added to that number, bringing its total investment to $2.5 million, thanks to an additional $200K raised from Red Swan Ventures, the relatively new VC firm started by the Bonobos founders… Read More

Forget delivery, OrderAhead hopes to be your one-stop takeout app for everything

The Verge | August 14, 2012

At first blush, OrderAhead sounds like another competitor in an already crowded space: one more service that intends to make ordering and obtaining food as quick and painless as possible, yet another that will fall at the hands of Seamless and GrubHub. OrderAhead changes things up a bit by aiming squarely for takeout (or pickup, however you like to say it), and while it’s only available for those looking to get some food in the San Francisco Bay Area for now, the creators told The New York Times that it wants people who use the app “to be able to pick up anything, anywhere.”… Read More

OrderAhead Nabs $2.3M From Adam D’Angelo, Matrix, Eric Schmidt For Ordering On The Go

TechCrunch | August 12, 2012

You know what’s not fun? Ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant over the phone — actually planning ahead instead of just showing up — only to wait in line like a schlub once you get there to pick up your order and pay. If you’re anything like me, this has happened enough times that you’ve thought about starting a Facebook support group, or at least made a strongly-worded mental note of it. Well, luckily OrderAhead feels your pain… Read More

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