OrderAhead Support

We love our users, so feel free to contact us anytime with comments, questions or concerns.

Cities / Locations

  • Where can I use OrderAhead?

    OrderAhead currently supports San Francisco and the Bay Area, Los Angeles and select locations throughout the country.

  • How can I get my favorite restaurant on OrderAhead?

    Email us at feedback@orderaheadapp.com to let us know which restaurants you want to see on OrderAhead, and we'll do our best to get them for you!

  • When will OrderAhead launch in other cities?

    Soon! If there's a city you would like us to expand to, definitely let us know: feedback@orderaheadapp.com.


  • Can I change my order after I place it?

    We'll do our best to try, but usually not. It depends on whether the restaurant has started preparing your order already. The sooner you let us know, the more likely it is that we can help.

  • How do I know my order went through?

    You should receive an email receipt from us within five minutes of placing your order.

  • What if I did not receive an email receipt?

    Try checking your spam folder. If it's not there, email us at support@orderaheadapp.com or call us at 650-503-3279.


  • Do I pay anything extra for using OrderAhead?

    Nope! OrderAhead will always be free. You pay the exact same price that you find at the restaurant.

  • How do I add another credit card?

    Credit card information is available in the "Account" settings for iPhone & Android, or under "Payment Cards" on the OrderAhead website. You can add additional cards and label them as personal or for business

  • Can I delete a card?

    Absolutely. To delete a card from the app, add a new card. Once that has been created, press "Edit" and you'll have the option to delete the older one. Online, you can remove any card you like by clicking "Payment Cards," selecting a card, and pressing "Remove Card."

  • Is my credit card information secure?

    Absolutely. We take security very seriously. Your information is always securely transmitted, and your credit card details are never shared with restaurants.


  • What is your Refund Policy?

    Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If there's a problem with your order, or if there's an incorrect charge on your credit card, please call 650-503-3279 or email us at support@orderaheadapp.com.